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This is a Wikipedia home for Peter Eckersley.

Stuff I've studied: maths, physics, computer science, copyright law.
Other stuff I'm particularly interested in: politics, economics, history and (analytic) philosophy.
I am current the Technology Projects Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Some articles I've started, written or made non-trivial contributions to:

On copyright, patents & related topics —
Alternative compensation system, Association of American Publishers, Berne three-step test, EU Copyright Directive, EU Directive on harmonising the term of copyright protection, EU Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions, Exclusive right, Fair dealing, Fair use, History of copyright, Limitations and exceptions to copyright, Jack Valenti, Intellectual property education, Philosophy of copyright, Statutory damages for copyright infringement, Street Performer Protocol, The Uneasy Case for Copyright, Agreement on Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property rights, World Intellectual Property Organization, Zidovudine.
And some (mostly) unrelated articles —
Accountability, Albert Einstein, Australia Party, Australian Democrats, Australian Senate, Blat, Bloc voting, Capture, Challenge-response test, Church-Turing thesis, Democratic Labor Party, Excess burden of taxation, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Generalized System of Preferences, Harmonisation, Hypercomputation, Imaging, Incentive compatibility, Interoperability, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, John Howard, Joseph Stiglitz, Legal person, Mechanical trail, Medical imaging, Myerson-Satterthwaite theorem, National treatment, Normative, Office of the United States Trade Representative, One Nation Party, Oracle machine, PageRank, Pauline Hanson, Positive (social sciences), Potential energy, Probability of Precipitation, Psychological hedonism, Public Citizen, Public good, Race to the bottom, Rational participation constraint, Reciprocity, Social welfare, Tamper resistance, Tor (anonymity network), World Trade Organization.
And as a quaint diversion, some entries on tornadoes in Australia
Booleroo tornado, Brighton tornado, Bucca tornado, Buladelah tornado, Brisbane tornado, Mandurah tornadoes, Oakhurst tornado, Sandon tornado, South coast tornado

My current favourite Wikipedia article (closely followed by this one).

A TODO list.