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Phrynichus (Greek: Φρύνιχος) may refer to:


  • Phrynichus Arabius, or Phrynichus Atticista abbreviated in lexica simply as [Phryn.], a grammarian and rhetorician of the 2nd century AD. published by W. G. Rutherford, London 1881, Die Ekloge des Phrynichos E. Fischer, Berlin 1974 [Phryn. .. F.], Praeparatio Sophistica, ed. I. de Borries, Leipzig 1911.
  • There are also two dramatic poets named Phrynicus whose plays only survive in fragments:
    • Phrynichus (tragic poet), or Phrynichus Tragicus, abbreviated in lexica as [Phryn.Trag.], 6th-5th century BC, a pioneer of Greek tragedy, most famous for The Fall of Miletus, edited by A. Nauck, TGF p.720. Fragmenta Lyrica, [Phryn.Lyr.] ed. T. Bergk, PLG iii p. 561, ed. Snell [Phryn.Trag. S.] TrGF 1 p.69
    • Phrynichus (comic poet), or Phrynichus Comicus, abbreviated in lexica as [Phryn.Com.], a writer of old Attic comedy who flourished in the late 5th century BC. Ed. T. Kock, CAF i p.369; suppl. J. Demiańczuk, Supp.Com. p.74.
  • Phrynichus, an Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War. He took a leading part in establishing the oligarchy of the Four Hundred at Athens in 411 BC and was assassinated in the same year